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Yevgeny Anan’evich Khaldei (23 March 1917 – 6 October 1997) was a Red Army photographer, best known for his World War II photograph of a Soviet soldier Raising a flag over the Reichstag, in Berlin, capital of the vanquished Nazi Germany (1933–45). Khaldei’s most renowned photographs were taken when he was a Red Army photographer from 1941 to 1946. Khaldei’s photographs emphasised his feelings

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Perestroyka and The End of Soviet Empire: Soviet alcoholics and homeless. Boris Mikhailov with panoramic Gorizont-5 camera. Reportage “Near Land”

Karol Kallay died at the age of 86 on Saturday 4 August. He was the most famous Slovak photographer and documentarist, renowned for his reports. Kallay was born in Čadca in north Slovakia on 26 April 1926. He studied economy and law at the university and started to work as a professional photographer in 1940. Two years

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Dmitri Baltermants (May 13, 1912 – 1990) was a prominent Soviet photojournalist. SovietEraMuseum present a few photos of Dmitri Baltermants

SovietEraMuseum present art photos by Yuri Sadovnikov:

Vasily Arkashev – A photo reporter for the newspaper of the Western Front, Krasnoarmeiskaia Pravda. SovietEraMuseum present unique ww2-photos of Vasily Arkahev: