ZIL, ZIS and other Soviet limousines / Mashina vlasti – PHOTO ALBUM


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Title: ZIL, ZIS and other Soviet limousines / Mashina vlasti
Author: Nikita Travnikov
Cover: Hardcover, 128 pages
Publisher: GORKYCLASSIC (2013)
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ISBN-10: 5990235518
ISBN-13: 978-5990235519








This is the first of its kind book that summarizes the currently available materials related to the present and the past of domestic executive cars.
Opens retrospective of the head of the L-1, the remaining volume of the book took the head of the ZIS / ZIL – by ZIS-101 and ZIL-41047 and further, to “unfulfilled”.
In addition to detailed history of creation of each of the models and their detailed technical descriptions in a book published by the memories of those who were involved in the design, testing, production and operation of vehicles, as well as a number of documents, until recently, had “secret”.
The book is beautifully illustrated – a significant proportion of its volume occupied by photographs (archival and contemporary), pictures, drawings, diagrams and “scans” the original sources.
Tome printed on German equipment.

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