Yalta XIX – early XX century in old postcards – photo album


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Title: Yalta XIX – early XX century in old postcards
Original name: Путеводитель по старой Ялте.Ялта конца ХIХ – начала ХХ века в открытках
Author: by L.Petrenko (Author)
Publisher: Crimea, Nizhnyaya Oreanda (2016)
Hardcover, 132 pages
ISBN-10: 5990781938
ISBN-13: 978-5990781931






This album – a kind of guide to Yalta in the old postcards of species. It introduces the historical places of the city, its temples and mansions, hotels and hostels, public gardens and parks, and, of course, with its unique natural resources. The book introduces readers not only with the history of Yalta, but also with the history of the emergence and existence of postcards, biographies of the most famous photographers otkrytochnikov. The book is intended for historians, local historians, museum workers, collectors.

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