Weapons of Russian/Soviet victory: manual automatic weapons – photo album


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Title: Weapons of Russian/Soviet victory: manual automatic weapons
Author: by Glazkov V. (Author)
Publisher: Moscow, Fond “Russkie vitiazi” (2015)
ISBN-10: 5990689144
ISBN-13: 978-5990689145






This book is written primarily from the point of view of those who had these weapons to fight, soldiers and officers of the Russian army of the early twentieth century. In domestic practice the attempt to describe such attempts to describe such enterprises for the first time. Thanks to this book will be useful to specialists-historians, costume designers, military history reenactors, as well as anyone interested in the history of the Russian army 1914-1917

The book talks about machine guns, automatic rifles, pistols and revolvers, as were in service with the Russian army 1914-1917, and officially in service is not comprised, however, used in the military: a legacy of domestic and foreign systems procured allies or captured as trophies.
For each described in the book sample a brief history of its creation and adoption, highlights the changes that the system has been in continuation of his release. Great attention is paid to the use of weapons in the army, its advantages and disadvantages in the eyes of the soldiers.

For the first time in domestic practice in great detail described the objects of the material parts of machine guns, particularly machine tools, carts and pack fixtures. Unique is given in the book information about light guns and special tools.

When writing the book was widely used materials in archives and published sources of the early twentieth century, mainly the special and technical literature, today, rare. The book contains a rich illustrative material from Museum collections and from private collections. Much of the information contained in the book, published for the first time.

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