The Underground Palase of Moscow: Metro in details – PHOTO ALBUM


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Title: The Underground Palase of Moscow: Metro in details
Language: English, Russian
Author: Alena Pavluk (Author)
Publisher: Moscow, “Maska” (2015), 132 pages
ISBN 978-5-905379-52-9





The Moscow metro is one of the most visited places of the capital. Daily through halls and hosts more than 6 million people. For over 80 years, metro allows you to quickly, without noise and tubes to travel to any part of the capital. The Moscow metro is not only a means of transportation. From the first days of its construction was given to bolshevskaya not only the functionality but also the design of the stations. Every curve line, every stroke was studied by the wise architects of a bygone era. The subway is an integral part of the story! Each station is a work of art, with chandeliers, bas-reliefs, stained-glass Windows… In this book I would like to show you a wonderful underground Palace underground! This is the name of the station and reflect the architectural trends of its era. The name of each station on the circle line was not chosen randomly. For example, if we are talking about metro station “Belorusskaya”, then all its design connected with the country concerned. Thought of everything, even the pattern on the floor of granite tiles. They symbolize the Belarusian national pattern. The book contains interesting facts about the 12 stations of the circle line, as well as photographs of fragments of the decoration of the halls.

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