The Russian Imperial Guards – art album (brand new, 2005)


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Title: The Russian Imperial Guards – art album (brand new, 2005)
Publisher: Moscow, “Slavia” publisher, 2005
Author: Sergey Letin
Condition: Brand new!
ISBN: 5-9501-090-5
Shipping Weight: 3kg
Hardcover, 472 pages
On english language!







Over two centuries of Russian Imperial Guard was the true face of the state, and not only militarily. At its core, the guard was a significant social and cultural phenomenon. Combining high professionalism with the best human qualities inherent in the Russian army, the Imperial guard was the flower of the nation, the bearer of progressive ideas. Many of its representatives made a notable contribution to Russian science, education and culture. The pride of the regiment, which were perceived by the guards as a special military brotherhood, United the officers of different classes. However, the cohesion of the guard did not rule out a variety of national and confessional composition. In its ranks in addition to Russian long served as representatives of the Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian, Georgian peoples, the descendants of German, Scottish, English, Swiss and other roots. In the first part of labor S. Latina examines the history of the Guard at the beginning of the 18th century – from Peter the Great and his successors

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