The Russian Arctic: A hundred Years in Photographs – photo album


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Title: The Russian Arctic: A hundred Years in Photographs
Author: by M.Razuvaev (Author)
Publisher: Paulsen (2016), 200 pages
ISBN-10: 5987971187
ISBN-13: 978-5987971185




The Russian Arctic stretches from Murmansk in the west round to Anadyr in the east, encompassing the Barrents, Kara and Laptev Seas along with the Bering Straits. The remote islands and archipelagos such as Wrangel, Herald, Novaya Zemla, Franz Josef Land and Severnaya Zemlya support a stunning array of birds and wildlife. Wrangel Island is the world’s northernmost UNESCO World Heritage Site and has polar bears in such great density that travellers in the Russian Arctic often experience a hundred or more bear sightings on a single trip.

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