The history of the russian steel helmet. Photo album-catalogue (NEW!)


Title: The history of the russian steel helmet. Photo album-catalogue.
Publisher: Moscow, “Printleto” publisher, 2016
Author: Ivan Karabanov
Condition: Brand new!
ISBN: 978-5-9909277-2-8
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Language: Russian/english
Hardcover, 504 pages
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In 2016, exactly 100 years have passed since the appearance in the Russian army of this type of protective equipment, such as a steel helmet. This particular book is devoted to this significant event. The book tells about all the stages of the evolution of the steel helmet in the Russian army, as a kind of protective equipment, through the prism of historical events that took place in Russia in the first half of the 20th century.
The time period considered in the book of events from 1916 to 1945 was not chosen by chance. It was during this historical period, limited by two world wars, that the Russian steel helmet underwent evolution from an inconvenient and ineffective headgear made from ordinary iron to a steel helmet of the 1940 model, which proved effective in the battles of World War II, saving the lives of millions of soldiers, and who remained in the equipment of the army of our country for more than half a century.
The information contained in the book is systematized in chronological order and is based on archival materials, monographs and recollections of eyewitnesses of the events that took place. The book contains a large number of photographs of those years, as well as photographs of original items stored both in the collections of Russian museums, and in Russian and foreign private collections. Some items, photos of which are published in the book, have survived to the present day in single copies, which, of course, gives this edition a uniqueness

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