the father of Russian Futurism David Burlyuk – art album (2016)


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Title: the father of Russian Futurism David Burlyuk – art album (2016)
Author: T.Zborovskaya
Publisher: Moscow, ScanRus (2016)
Hardcover , 392 pages
ISBN: 978-5-4350-0111-2




David Davidovich Burliuk (Ukrainian: Дави́д Дави́дович Бурлю́к; Russian: Дави́д Дави́дович Бурлю́к; July 21, 1882 – January 15, 1967) was a Russian and Ukrainian Futurist, Neo-Primitivist, book illustrator, publicist, and author associated with Russian Futurism. Burliuk is often described as “the father of Russian Futurism.”

In 1940, Burliuk petitioned the Soviet government for a request to visit his homeland. In exchange, he offered a sizeable collection of archival material pertaining to his contemporary and friend Vladimir Mayakovsky, which Burliuk offered to donate to the Mayakovsky Museum in addition to over 100 original paintings. Burliuk’s requests were denied. He was allowed to visit the Soviet Union only in 1956 and 1965.

In 1945 an exhibit was mounted at Irving Place Theater in New York City

In 1962 he and his wife traveled to Australia where he held an exhibition at Moreton Galleries, Brisbane. It was his only Australian exhibition. During his stay there David Burliuk painted some sketches and works with Australian views. From 1937 to 1966 Burliuk and his wife, Marussia, published Color & Rhyme, a periodical primarily concerned with charting Burliuk’s activities.

David Burliuk lived in Hampton Bays on Long Island for approximately 20 years until he died on Long Island, New York. His house and studio still remain.

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