The best from Soviet illustrated magazine “Murzilka” (1924-1945) – art album


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Title: The best from Soviet illustrated magazine “Murzilka” (1924-1945) – art album
Publisher: Moscow, “Trimag” publisher, 2016
Condition: Brand new!
ISBN: 978-5-901666-78-4
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Murzilka is a popular Soviet/Russian illustrated magazine for children 6–12 years old produced from May 1924 to present days.

Description from authors:

Dear friends, partners, colleagues! You might say: “How so? After all, had long since left the last book of the collection, where did the rest of it?” After all the years of the history of the magazine is already in the “Archive Murzilki” edition of the magazine “Murzilka” is very proud of the project, the collection received the Grand Prix and became the “Book of the year” at the competition “the Image book-2015″. It would seem that the project is finished, and you can forget about it, but… But the fact is that at the beginning of the Archive Murzilki” we could not think that will be not three volumes, but five. Therefore, the first thirty years of the history of the journal (even thirty-one years) was compressed all into one book — you can imagine how many interesting things it did not fit! After that we decided to do the second volume (and subsequently third) two books, but even so failed to include anything I would like…
Knowing this, and reading and listening to feedback on the collection and Why in the second and third volume of two books, and in the first one?”, “Really for 31 years there was so little interesting?”, “Why there is almost no mention of the Octobrists, pioneers, Lenin?” we gradually came to think that the collection is not complete. After all, it’s really unfair that the most interesting historical period — the first decades of the history of the magazine, including the Great Patriotic war, presented in the Archive Murzilki” so sparingly. So we came to two important decisions. The first and most important one is that we need to produce additional books of the collection, and not one, not two, but three: the second and third books of the first volume of the third book of the second volume. The second solution is that, perhaps, is largely to justify the subtitle “the country’s History through the eyes of children’s magazine” and included in “Archive ” Murzilki” more historical materials, including those relating to political life: from the song words can not erase, and now, ninety years later, it’s just interesting to read!
The second book of the first volume is devoted to the period since the inception of the journal until the end of 1945, the third book — the postwar years, from 1946 to 1954. We are also planning to release the third book of the second volume with the most interesting additions for twenty years “the Golden age “Murzilki”" — from 1955 to 1974. On the pages of new books you will meet again with Ziggy the dog and Ziggy, invented by A. Kanevsky, with stories about animals, life and transport, industrialization, the great Patriotic war and the early post-war period. And we can only wish you a pleasant reading!

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