Soviet painter – Valery Vatenin (1933-1977) – art album


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Title: Soviet painter – Valery Vatenin (1933-1977)
Author: by Valerii Vatenin (Author)
Publisher: Leningrad, Aurora (1988), 126 pages
ISBN-10: 5730002688
ISBN-13: 978-5730002685



Valery Vatenin (1933-1977) is one of those artists who in contrasts and dynamics of our era have managed to maintain a sense of harmonious wholeness of the world of his native moral basis. Vatenin seen multifaceted modernity – various formal techniques made it possible to reproduce the new painter, one he opened the verge of life around him, speaking of her bytopisatelem, subtle critic and poet. The paradoxical imagery Vatenin reveals the inner world of the individual, which is adjacent to the reality with fiction, and nature is a life-giving spiritual medium was human. Portrait, landscape, still life lose in the works Vagenina canonical genre boundaries and appear as a picture-thinking about life in her difficult time metamorphoses. The irony and grotesque intricately combined in Vatenin a wise philosophical acceptance of the world.

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