Soviet military commander – Vasily Blyukher – unique bronze statue


Item: Soviet military commander – Vasily Blyukher – unique bronze statue
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Size (width): 10 cm,
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Vasily Konstantinovich Blyukher (also spelled Bliukher, Blücher, etc., (Васи́лий Константи́нович Блю́хер; December 1 1889 – November 9, 1938) was a Soviet military commander.The importance of the Far East Front gave Blyukher a certain degree of immunity from Stalin’s purge of Red Army command, which had begun in 1937 with the execution of Mikhail Tukhachevsky. In fact, Blyukher had been a member of the tribunal that convicted Tukhachevsky. In 1938 he was accused of inadequate armed forces leadership during the battle of Lake Khasan and dismissed from his post. On October 22 he was arrested, convicted of espionage for Japan.A contributory factor in Blyukher’s downfall was the defection to Japan in June 1938 of the NKVD chief in the Far East, Genrikh Lyushkov, who feared arrest. In prison Blyukher refused to confess and was never formally tried. He was severely tortured in Lefortovo jail in Moscow, which according to one source led to his death on November 9, 1938, though another says he was shot on Joseph Stalin’s orders. When people began to ask about his whereabouts they were told that he was fighting in China under a pseudonym. His death was officially confirmed in 1956 when he was posthumously rehabilitated. In 1939, Chiang inquired about Blyukher’s whereabouts in a meeting with Stalin, and asked if he could return to help the Nationalists. Stalin replied that the General had been executed for helping a Japanese spy.

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