Russian/Polish Painter. Henryk Hektor Siemiradzki – art album


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Title: Russian/Polish Painter. Henryk Hektor Siemiradzki
Author: by M.Razuvaev (Author)
Publisher: Khudozhniki Rossii (2008), 399 pages
ISBN-10: 5342001145
ISBN-13: 978-5342001144




Henryk Hektor Siemiradzki (24 October 1843 – 23 August 1902) was a Polish painter, best remembered for his monumental Academic art. He was particularly known for his depictions of scenes from the ancient Graeco-Roman world and the New Testament, owned by national galleries of Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

Many of his paintings depict scenes from antiquity, often the sunlit pastoral scenes or compositions presenting the lives of early Christians. He also painted biblical and historical scenes, landscapes, and portraits. His best-known works include monumental curtains for the Lviv (Lwów) Theatre of Opera and for the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Kraków (below).

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