Russian Faience and porcelain of Kuznetsov’s Empire ( private collection) From past to Future


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Title: Kuznetsov’s “Porcelain Empire” – album photo catalogue of russian porcelain (new!)
Original Titile: Russian Faience and porcelain of Kuznetsov’s Empire ( private collection) From past to Future
Publisher: Moscow, “Sredi kolekcionerov”, 2015
Author: Irina Nasonova (Author)
Condition: Brand new!
ISBN-10: 978-5-904969-15-8
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Hardcover, 516 pages






All the factories owned by the Kuznetsov family (located not only in the Moscow and Vladimir provinces but in Riga, Volkhov and other cities as well), had modern equipment and highly skilled workers and artists. When cheap foreign machine-made products began competing with the Kuznetsov porcelain, the Partnership immediately mechanized their manufacturing units, began using decal transfer paper and stencils, and introduced a new product-figurines. The traditional painting by hand remained, as earlier, their specialty, however. The Partnership gave grants to their students at the Stroganov School and the school sponsored by the Society for the Encouragement of Artists. Thus, the Kuznetssov factories happily combined machine-done painting with traditional hand-made bright “agashkas.”

Kuznetsov porcelain was both “European” and “Oriental” at the same time and took into consideration the whole diapason of consumers’ preferences

This book contains over 800 Kuznetsov’s porcelain items inside.
The second part of album “Marks on porcelain and pottery” contains 230 samples of factory scenes with objects stored in museums and private collections. Several trademarks that we found on instances from the collection of I. G. Torkunova (Tsurenko), published for the first time. The help of this annotated bibliography and commonly used abbreviations. The book is addressed to collectors, antiquarians, readers interested in the history of Russian porcelain industry, all fans of Russian decorative and applied art.

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