Russian civil war 1917-1922 in photos – album


Title: Russian civil war 1917-1922 in photos – album
Publisher: Moscow, “Dostoinstvo” publisher, 2016
Author: Ruslan Gagloev, Vladimir Dolmatov, A. Ivanov, Nikita Kuznetsov, Anatoly Stepanov, Dmitry Stogov, Basil Flowers, Mr Chicherin-Meinhardt
Condition: Brand new
ISBN: 978-5-904552-74-9
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Hardcover, 384 pages






A photo gallery devoted to the tragic page of the history of our country – the revolution of 1917 and Civil war 1917-1922 In thirteen essays, written by Russian historians, experts on the history of Russia in the first quarter of the twentieth century, tells about the different aspects of a fratricidal Civil war. Shows the tragedy took place in the years of the events, their consequences for the country.

The publication is addressed to both specialists and a wide circle of readers interested in Russian history.

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