Photo album. Russkie kortiki / Russian Dirks


Title: Russkie kortiki / Russian Dirks
Original name: Русские кортики
Author: Evgeniy Boldirev
Publisher: Moscow, Faust (2015), 208 pages
ISBN-10: 5905928142
ISBN-13: 978-5905928147






The new book “Russian daggers” is devoted to the history of swords like – uniforms accessories military and civilian officials of Russia in the late XVIII – early XX centuries. (Until 1917). The book contains more than 100 daggers from various private and museum collections, given their detailed attribution and proof of the producers; attributed several dozen historic photographs and military officials with daggers; described previously unpublished and unstudied samples of this type of weapon, refined dating of the birth of some of them. Presentation of the book can be a table for any collector Russian edged weapons and museum worker as a scientific publication, the conclusions of which are based on historical sources and years of experience of the author collectibles.

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