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Title: Azerbaijani art. Azerbaijan Embroider
Author: by P.A. (ed.) Azizbekova (Author)
Cover: Hardcover
Publisher: Iskusstvo (1971)
ISBN-10: 589164066X
ISBN-13: 978-5891640665
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Embroidery is an ancient form of folk art that reveal the rich spiritual world of the Azerbaijani people. The technique and a composition of Azerbaijani embroidery traces its roots back to antiquity.

The beginning of Azerbaijani embroidery can be established on archaeological data. The simplest ornaments, similar to those embroidered – straight and broken lines, zigzags, dot pattern, circles, triangles, diamonds – can be found on ceramic vessels of the early bronze age (3000 BC).

In embroidered articles were distinguished by richness and variety of the ornaments the most popular of which were flowers: rose, daffodil, rose, poppy, Lily flowers and fruit trees, as well as ears and leaves of various shapes.

Geometric patterns embroidery consisted of straight and broken lines, zigzags, triangles, quadrangles, six – and octahedral rosettes, diamonds, stars and symbolic image of the sun.

On the embroideries of birds: a Nightingale, peacock, pigeon, parrot, hoopoe, Sparrow, pheasant, quail, partridge and others. From the animal world most often on the embroideries depicted gazelles, turtles, snakes, dragons, horses, etc.

In folk household utensils were also a theme for embroidery: pink water vessels, comb cases, cosmetics bottles, jars and others. The most common Azerbaijani embroidery types were: gold sewing, sewing stitch, chain stitch; sequins, beads, plaques sewing, “fixing”, motif, embroidery spiral and fillet work.

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