PHOTO ALBUM: Ancient mysterious art. The Animal Style of Perm culture.


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Title: Ancient mysterious art. The Animal Style of Perm culture.
Author: by V. A. Oborin & G. N. Chagin (Author)
Made in: USSR, Perm, Permskoe Knizhnoe Izd (1976)
Cover: hardcover, 192 pages
ISBN-10: 5762500721
ISBN-13: 978-5762500722
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Вook is devoted to a metal sculpture of the ancient Kama region. Objects so-called Perm animal style – ptitsevidnye and humanlike idols, plaques, pendants, pronizki depicting birds, moose, bears – cast unheralded masters the VIII. BC. – XV century. BC All of them are located in the Perm regional museum, in the study of archeology, Perm State University, in the museum of Cherdyn

Perm animal style — a peculiar and mysterious art, “the most mysterious monuments kind of Freak…”, the most mysterious of all “small legacy”, “Perm animal style — unique historical and artistic phenomenon”.
The art of the Perm animal style is in the main the art of making fancy bronze plaques and other decorations — the brainchild of Ananyino culture, which incorporates both the local artistic achievements nomadic Siberian and Scythian cultures. New art resulting from the organic into each other’s best North and South visual solutions, received an amazing free, extensive development throughout the first Millennium ad up to the XII-XV centuries. The heyday of this art falls on lomovatka era.

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