Ordena i medali SSSR / Orders and Medals of the USSR / Orden und Medaillen der UdSSR


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Title:Ordena i medali SSSR / Orders and Medals of the USSR / Orden und Medaillen der UdSSR
Publisher: Minsk, Kharvest (2010)
ISBN-10: 985132468X
ISBN-13: 978-9851324688









We offer to your attention the publication is an attempt to create a full catalog of orders and medals of the USSR state awards and distinctions, which were awarded for special merits and achievements in various fields of socialist construction and defence of the country both individuals and groups of workers, educational institutions, theatres and film studios, Newspapers and magazines, Soviet Republic, oblast, city, and military units and ships of the Armed forces of the USSR.

The book contains information about the award system of the USSR, data from the history of the institution of orders and medals. For each sign shows an image of the obverse, order ribbons, their description, date of establishment, the material for fabrication. In photo gallery presents unique documents: award certificates awarded, certificates to the relevant medals.

This publication will be an indispensable guide for collectors and specialists in faleristics and also a great gift for anyone interested in the history of the Fatherland.

The publication in English, German and Russian languages.

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