Obrazy Petrograda – Leningrada / Images of Petrograd-Leningrad


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Title: Obrazy Petrograda – Leningrada / Images of Petrograd-Leningrad
Author: O.Chekanova
Publisher: Moscow, Art Deko (2005)
ISBN-10: 5895760104
ISBN-13: 978-5895760109






The album book is the second book of the joint project of the publishing house and the Museum, in an art form representing collection Gmib. The album continues the story of the creation of the Museum of history of St. Petersburg and the formation of its collections. The album consists of seven sections (images), covering the entire Soviet period in the history of the city from 1917 to 1991. The image of Petrograd – Leningrad illustrated by the exhibits on display in various Museum. In the
The album contains an introduction and list of illustrations in English.

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