Nizhny Novgorod: Today – photo album


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Title: Nizhny Novgorod: Today
Author: by Groisman Ia. (Author)
Publisher: Dekom (2015), 84 pages
ISBN-10: 5895333427
ISBN-13: 978-5895333426





Nizhny Novgorod by the end of the XIX century became one of the largest in the Russian Empire. Water and rail transport have linked it with the capitals and ports. Built factories, mills and shipyards. The fair moved from Macarius monastery, was gathering pace and contributed to the development of industry, trade and international economic relations. In 1896 Nizhny Novgorod was the first non-capital cities was chosen as the venue for the all-Russia industrial and art exhibition, which became the largest in the history of Russia.Changed the look of the city. There was the first tram in the territory of modern Russia, a new theatre, a new pontoon bridge, two ground funicular and many wonderful buildings, including the Nikolaev theater on Bolshaya Pokrovskaya.Through the works of the pioneer of Russian journalistic photojournalism, member of the Russian photographic society of M. P. Dmitriev (1858-1948) and his contemporaries we can see Nizhny Novgorod as he was a hundred and more years ago.

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