National Costumes of the Soviet Peoples – PHOTO ALBUM (on english)


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Title: National Costumes of the Soviet Peoples
Made in: by Gosudarstvennyi muzei etnografii narodov SSSR
Author: Natalia kalashnikova, Galina Pluzhnikova
Cover:Hardcover, 224 pages
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ISBN: 5-85250-141-7







Bilingual book in Russian and English (adjacent columns) detailing a major collection of 19th and 20th century Soviet national costumes brought together by the State Museum of Ethnography of the USSR in Leningrad. From a beginning in 1902, items have come from all over the country and collected by ethnographers, private collectors and others, replenished in the course of annual field expeditions which began at the turn of the century and continues today (1990). Beautiful color plates of the ethnic clothing, as well as period photographs, of special, festive, ceremonial and other clothing. An invaluable reference for historians, ethnographers, costume designers and anyone interested in beautiful handmade clothing and accessories that express the brilliant color, designs and customs of these peoples.

National dress is a kind of chronicle of the historical development and artistic creativity of the people. The material in the album are grouped according to the conditional allocation of ethno-cultural areas, adopted by the specialists. Sections preceded by brief texts with a General characteristic of the national costume of this region. At the end of the book provides a list of detailed annotations to each photo, which includes information about the purpose of the suit or subject matter, temporal and ethnic characteristics, material and technique, the collector’s room. To emphasize local features in addition to ethnic material of the indicator given the geographical reference in the corresponding historical version. The album was released in Russian and English languages.

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