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Title: Modern Olympic Games Medals and badges

Publisher: Moscow, “Russkiy vityazi”, 2013
Author: Leonid Novozhilov
Condition: Brand new!
ISBN: 978-5-903389-77-3, 978-5-903389-60-5
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Hardcover, 896 pages



The book is based on a collection of medals, signs, and symbols of the Olympic diplomas from several foreign and domestic collections. The information presented in the book is a compilation of rare, not only in Russia but also in the world collection of more than 200 award Olympic medals at all levels of dignity and commemorative medals of the Olympics since the first modern Summer Games in Athens in 1896 and the Winter Games in 1924 in Chamonix. Each medal is given a detailed description, including the mass-dimensional characteristics and the material from which they are made. Images award medals harmoniously complemented nominal diplomas winners of Olympic competition.
In addition to award medals Show unknown wider audience Assembly special awards (medals of the International Olympic Committee), issued by leaders of the international Olympic movement for outstanding services to the sport community.
In a separate section of the book contains more than 500 official signs athletes – the competitors and employees of Olympic services of each of the last Olympics, and it’s a given that the number of services involved in the organization and maintenance of the games has been steadily increasing with the number of participants in games and sports disciplines .
A special place in the published work covers a selection of more than 2000 characters teams of the participating countries of games and signs NOCs (National Olympic Committees of the Member States). For example, they can trace the history of the Olympic movement both in individual countries and entire continents.
Full text made in Russian and English languages.

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