“Leo Shugurov: Russian/Soviet cars” vol.1, vol.2 – TWO PHOTO ALBUMS


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Item: “Leo Shugurov: Russian/Soviet cars” vol.1, vol.2
Condition: Very good
Copyright year: 1993
Place of Publication: Russia, Moscow

Leo Shugurov. In 1958 the magazine ” At the wheel” comes first publication Leo Shugurova . It was devoted to the very small car , on which he worked more in Shugurov Bauman , and which was later exhibited at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements . It is to this day and is kept in the vaults of the Museum . In 1967-1994 years. Leo Shugurov works in the magazine ” At the wheel” as a staff journalist of “Science and Technology “, and then head of the department and a member of the editorial board . Parallel cooperates with 80 publications, including such popular magazines as ” Model Construction “, ” Science and Life “, ” Browser “, ” Rural mechanic .” It was nonsense for the time: writing simultaneously for several publications due to fierce competition between them allowed not for everyone. Later magazines were “Car” , “Cars” , which was renamed from ” car market news “, ” Drive” , Russian edition of ” Truck “. Shugurov wrote about the domestic automobile and motorcycle technology, motor sport , the history of the automobile , and even managed to give an overview of foreign innovations, that the Soviet Union was not welcomed . According to him, particular preference in the subject was not only we were talking about cars. In the mid 70 – ies Shugurov Leo , head of the department is already working in the magazine ” At the wheel” , offered to publish regularly in the history of the Soviet automobile industry figures. It was in the drawings and not in the photo , as many historic cars photograph was no longer possible . Since 80th Shugurov commented championship in road circuit races , and in the early 1990s – Grand Prix Formula 1 on Russian television , was a member of Federation of Motor Sports of the USSR. In the history of the domestic auto industry , as in many other Lion Shugurov pioneered . Shugurova private library – one of the richest collections in Russian books and magazines on automotive topics in 6 languages ​​. [Citation Day 1823 ] Scrape material formed the basis of the first book of Leo Shugurova ” Cars Land of the Soviets .” Two volumes was published in 1978 and in the 90s in the third three-volume reprint released ” Cars Russia and the USSR .” This was followed by ” Under the sign of the lion ,” ” History of Renault in Russia “, ” Old love does not rust ” and already legendary ” Chasing the Russo-Balt “, ” In the rearview mirror ” (2007)








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