The Gold of the Scythian Kings in the Hermitage Collection . Photo album (2012)


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Title: The Gold of the Scythian Kings in the Hermitage Collection . Photo album (2012)
Publisher: Spb, “Hermitage” publisher, 2012
Author: Alekseev
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ISBN: 978-5-93572-465-8

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Gold of the Scythian kings in the Hermitage collection. The album presents works of art of VII-IV centuries BC. from the unique Hermitage Scythian collection. Along with the masterpieces of ancient art, the products are shown to be less significant and spectacular. But all of them equally belong to the culture of the Scythian world, to which the kings and representatives of the nobility class belonged. It is not accidental that most of these items were made of precious metals, mostly of gold, and abundantly decorated with images in the so-called Scythian animal style, which is the most expressive and distinctive feature of the artistic culture of the ancient nomads of Eurasia. The museum history of the Scythian antiquities began in the 18th century, but is particularly rich in findings from the 19th and 20th centuries. Nowadays, the research of Scythian burial mounds continues and brings new outstanding discoveries, thanks to which the Hermitage collection of Scythian treasures continues to be replenished.

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