Ekaterinburg. The heritage of constructivism – photo album


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Title: Ekaterinburg. The heritage of constructivism – photo album
Author: Leonid Starikov (Author)
Publisher: Ekaterinburg, Nezavisimiy institut mirovoy kulturi (2009)
Language: Russian, English
ISBN: 978-5-903527-08-3 / 9785903527083
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Hardcover, 161 pages



Ekaterinburg, in contrast to many other cities of Russia, has a unique collection of works by the constructivist heritage, which has recently been given more attention from architects, art historians, architectural historians. Protokonstruktivizstskie buildings, including features of the new avant-garde style – constructivism appeared in the guise of Yekaterinburg in the first half of the 20s. Total Yekaterinburg are more than 140 monuments of architecture of Constructivism. (Another 100 objects were unfinished due to the dissolution in 1934 of the Ural region)

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