Ceramics in Russian architecture – giant photo album (2014)


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Title: Ceramics in Russian architecture – giant photo album (2014)
Publisher: Russia, Moscow, “Progress-Traditsiya” publisher (2014)
Author: Mariya Nashokina
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ISBN: 978-5-89826-434-5

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Wide interest in Russian art of second half of XIX – beginning of XX centuries to ceramics – one of the oldest materials used in the material culture, a trait shared with many European countries. After a long break traditional for Russia-Russian pottery craft once again drew the attention of professional artists, opened his new plastic possibilities, and architects, who returned it into use as a means of decoration of facades of buildings. In Russia then there were shops that manufacture multi-color tiles and narrative decorative panel, often made by hand according to old artisanal techniques and modern enterprise, which produces ceramic facing tile.
A special development of the artistic and architectural ceramics received in Moscow, where its use became one of the features of art Nouveau. The book describes in detail the emergence and development of four major Moscow-based producers of architectural ceramics: ceramic plant “Abramtsevo” – a pioneer of new artistic products, architectural ceramic production of the partnership of M. S. Kuznetsov, ceramic workshop at the Stroganov school and the farm “Ant”. In addition to the book for the first time given a sketch of Western European importers of architectural ceramics in Moscow; analysis of the use of imported ceramic cladding in residential areas of the city, on the facades and interiors of public and Church buildings.

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