ART ALBUM. The Russian/Soviet Filmposter (Hardcover)


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Title: The Russian Filmposter (Hardcover)
Author: by Snopkov (Author)
Cover: Hardcover, 366 pages
Publisher: Moscow, Kontakt-Kultura (2002)
ISBN-10: 5938820162
ISBN-13: 978-5938820166
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More than 300 posters about Russian/soviet movies in one book.1908-2001

Album RUSSIAN cinema poster is the most comprehensive summary illustrated edition devoted to the centuries-old history of Russian film posters, since its beginnings in Russia in the early XX century. The album includes 300 posters announcing the first appearance on cinema screens and the resumption of screenings of feature films and several documentary films created by outstanding masters of Russian and Soviet cinema of the XX century. Movies, the album received universal acclaim and was honored with many national and international awards and was included in the Golden Fund of world cinema. Most of the posters placed in the album, in a public illustrated magazines have played. The introductory article reveals the peculiarities of the history of Russian film posters. The album is supplied in the author index, illustrated list of works and index of films.

Addressed to a wide circle of readers and specialists in the field of art history, museology, advertising, marketing, artists, designers, filmmakers, workers of publishing houses, teachers and students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions specializing in the field of advertising, graphic arts and design. For art lovers and collectors.

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