ART ALBUM. The Kremlin Armoury / Oruzhejnaya Palata Moskovskogo Kremlya


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Title: The Kremlin Armoury / Oruzhejnaya Palata Moskovskogo Kremlya
Cover: Hardcover, 424 pages
Author: by A. Vasil’ev (Author)
Publisher: Moscow, Slovo (2006)
ISBN-10: 5850508805
ISBN-13: 978-5850508807

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The Deluxe edition, in slipcase, embossed with gold, with a lot of high-quality colorful illustrations. The history of the oldest Museum of Russia – the State Armory dates back two hundred years. The fate she was destined to become the collector and Keeper of the national heritage of the country, its “glorious memorable places”, masterpieces of jewelry, weapons and decorative art from the fourth to the twenty-first centuries, created by the best masters of Russia, Europe and the East. Every day thousands of Muscovites and visitors of capital come into the Treasury, to touch the best examples of Russian and world artistic culture. Going from room to room, from window display to window display, they get acquainted with the unique beauty of things, preserved only here, in the Moscow Kremlin, with things closely connected with the history of Russia, which our ancestors had faithfully guarded in the most difficult years of life. In a beautifully illustrated album tells about the history of the Armory, presented in the exhibits of Russian gold and silver business of the XII – beginning of XX century West European artistic silver XIII-XIX centuries, monuments of arms skill XII-XIX centuries and military awards of Russia, precious fabrics, sewing art, ancient secular and ecclesiastical clothing, ceremonial dress of the XVIII-XX centuries, about horse decor and the vintage carriages of the XVI-XVIII centuries. The album includes interesting information about historical figures, who owned many works of national treasure, about how you use objects, the craftsmen who worked in Russia and other countries, as well as different techniques and styles of decorative arts. The publication is intended for anyone interested in the history and art of Russia.

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