ART ALBUM. The Kremlin and Red Square Moscow in old Postcards


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Title: The Kremlin and Red Square Moscow in old Postcards
Author: Melitonyan A
Cover: Hardcover, 2005
Publisher: Moscow, Magma, 2005
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ISBN-10: 5934280341
ISBN-13: 978-5934280346




The Kremlin and Red Square were undoubtedly the most popular landmarks depicted in old postcards of Moscow. Today, modern readers and collectors may find it astonishing how precise and full of detail these old postcards were. They offer a glimpse not just of a popular tourist site, but of a whole era in time, complete with ceremonies, personalities, situations, and events from a bygone era. Better than some history books and academic studies, this popular folk art depicts the feel of daily life in old Russia.

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