ART ALBUM. Stalin times. Moscow in photos. 1920-30


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Title: Stalin times. Moscow in photos. 1920-30
Author: E.Koloskova
Cover: Hardcover, 304
Publisher: Moscow, Liki Rossii, 2008
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ISBN 978-5-87417-275-6,
ISBN 978-5-87417-275-6







Album that you hold in your hands, continues a series of documentary and factual publications prepared by the Russian State Archive of Cinema in collaboration with the St. Petersburg publishing house “Faces of Russia”. Their number – “Russian Empire in photographs. The end of XIX – early XX century”, “Orthodox world of Russia in Photographs late XIX – early XX century”, “Moscow Orthodox in photos of the late XIX – early XX century”, “Moscow in the photos. The end of XIX – early XX century. ” The album “Moscow in the photos. 1920-1930″ includes about 480 images, including both the official news in pictures and private subjects.
In selecting the material drafters tried to convey the most characteristic features of the first decades of Soviet rule, the dynamics and the ambiguity of the time. The publication reflects the different aspects of life in the capital – with the homeless and beggars in the streets, the Soviet and party activists, organized street rallies and artfully directed physical culture and military parades, diverse advocacy campaigns, analysis of the monasteries and the struggle against “enemies of the Party”, a surprisingly sweet heart ” wooden “Moscow and the construction of a unique for its time architectural structures, developments in the economy and the highest peaks of our culture and the arts.

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