ART ALBUM. Russian Tapestry: Petersburg Tapestry Factory


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Title: Russian Tapestry: Petersburg Tapestry Factory
Author: T T Korshunova (Editor)
Cover: Hardcover, 270 pages
Publisher: Moscow:Artist of the RSFSR (March 1976)
ISBN-10: 0569082471
ISBN-13: 978-0569082471
Language:Text: Russian, English
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As we know from history, in Russia the word “tapestry” became known in the eighteenth century – in the age of Peter. (And it was commonly used, and the word “trellis” has become in the future, in art the term.) It was at this time in St. Petersburg was founded the first tapestry workshop.

And the first “Russian tapestry” appeared in Russia in XVII century as a gift to the Russian Tsar from the French. In fact, it was a trellis in the form of a carpet with a woven pattern.The first Russian tapestries were used mainly for decoration of Imperial palaces in St. Petersburg. Especially popular were portraits of royalty and aristocrats, which became the hallmark of Russian production.

The first manufactory in Russia earned with the active participation of masters from France. Russian tapestries were works of art and impressed the audience with their monumental paintings and the beauty of execution. Currently Russian tapestries can be seen in the museums of St. Petersburg and Moscow, where they continue to impress with their craftsmanship and accuracy of the plot.

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