ART ALBUM. Masters of Russian sculpture in 2 Vols (Volume 1)


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Title: Masters of Russian sculpture in 2 Vols (Volume 1)
Author: by L.Doronina (Author)
Cover: Hardcover, 440 pages
Publisher: Moscow: Belyi gorod (2008)
ISBN-10: 5779314047
ISBN-13: 978-5779314046
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The book is dedicated to the masters of Russian sculpture XVIII-XIX centuries. Through the creative biography of famous masters, arranged in chronological order, starting with the Petrine era and ending with the turn of XIX-XX centuries, consistently reveals the history of domestic sculptures for 200 years. For the first time in the history of Russian and Soviet art in the book discusses in detail the biography and creativity of a large number (47) of masters of Russian sculpture XVIII-XIX centuries. Numerous illustrations of their works visually reflect the most important stages in the development of Russian sculpture 200 years: from the decorative forms of the Baroque to a gradual transition to strict and restrained style of classicism, overcoming the classic canons and the movement toward a new, realistic stage of development associated with the progressive ideas of the Russian democratic society. Almost every monographic article begins with a portrait image of the sculptor. The book is richly illustrated with works of monumental, monumental-decorative, memorial, sculpture and plastic art of small forms of masters XVIII-XIX centuries. Given the images of famous and little-known monuments and tombstones, and sculpted decoration of architectural constructions in Saint-Petersburg, Moscow, other cities of the Russian Empire and abroad. As illustrative material is also used of works kept in the Tretyakov gallery, the Russian Museum, the Hermitage and other Russian museums and private collections. Easy-to-read and logically structured text in the book makes it attractive for a wide range of readers – from art historians, teachers of art universities and schools to students and people interested in Russian culture and art. The book will find buyers among art historians, teachers of universities and art schools, collectors, architects, students of art and architectural institutions, colleges, schools and Amateurs of Russian art.

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