ART ALBUM: Azerbaijani art. Nizami Ganjevi / Khamsa Miniatures


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Title: Azerbaijani art. Nizami Ganjevi / Khamsa Miniatures
Author: by Kerim Kerimova (Introduction), Dzhangir Kagramanova (Editor)
Language: English, Russian
Cover: Hardcover
Publisher: Baku, Jazychy; 1st edition (1983)
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Gorgeous Art book in Russian, Azeri and English, with over 130 color plates featuring the artwork of Nizami, specifically the Khamsa Miniatures. Nizami was an extremely prolific and influential poet/artist of the 12th century, and possibly the most famous Azeri of all time. The intensity of color in the plates is remarkable.

The creative legacy of one of the luminaries of world literature, the great poet and thinker of Azerbaijan Nizami Ganjavi people have an invaluable contribution to the Treasury of world art and culture.
Poem of the Khamsa (the Quintet) of Nizami had and to this day have a huge impact on the development of literature and art of the peoples of the near and Middle East. They have been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for numerous classics of Eastern literature.
It is known that the largest number of Nazir (imitations) was written (after the “Shahnameh” Ferdowsi) on the motives of “Khamsa” of Nizami, and such outstanding poets of the East, as Amir Khosrow of dehlevi, Abdurrahman Jami, Alisher Navoi and other classics.
And it is no accident, for his poems expressing progressive social, philosophical and aesthetic ideals, glorifying the nobility and human beauty, freedom and love, justice and valour directed against the hypocrisy and brutality, against the vices of feudal society, were his close contemporaries, and subsequently became close to the poet’s descendants.
Khamsa of Nizami has had an enormous beneficial influence on the development of book art, miniature painting, various kinds of fine and decorative-applied art of the peoples of the Muslim East.
The publication is richly illustrated.

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