Arсhitecture Челябинск с высоты / Chelyabinsk from bird’s-eye


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Title: Arсhitecture Челябинск с высоты / Chelyabinsk from bird’s-eye
Cover: Hardcover, 128 pages
Publisher: Moscow: Gelio Press; 2014
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ISBN 978-5-9902923-7-6;






Chelyabinsk is a city who has formed a clear and recognizable image of the industrial center of the Urals: it is located in the largest enterprises of metallurgy, engineering and Metalworking. However, for many Chelyabinsk is about to open: first look at the capital of the South Urals allows you to radically alter your view of the city. Chelyabinsk is a modern, green, a rapidly growing industrial city with a unique architectural ensemble.
In this album, Chelyabinsk is the metropolis, “the capital of the southern Urals”, which are large industrial enterprises, financial and trade centers, historical and cultural objects, scientific centers, sports complexes, modern residential neighborhoods, a large Park area.

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