ALBUM. Irkutsk architectural heritage in photographs by William Brumfield


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Title: Irkutsk architectural heritage in photographs by William Brumfield
Author:Text and photos WC Broomfield
Cover: Paperback, 91 pages
Publisher: Moscow: Tri kvadrata (2006)
ISBN-10: 5946070614
ISBN-13: 978-5946070614
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In our perception of the vastness of Russian Siberia occupies a special place. We see it not as a distant, harsh and at the same time majestic, one of the greatest ECOSTAR our planet. Siberia evokes contradictory examples of human experience as the region, which has always valued freedom and basic human dignity, and simultaneously as a place of drudgery, described in the works of Dostoevsky and the book of George Kennan’s “Siberia and exile”. However, it is undeniable the fact that Siberians and Siberian experience made an enormous contribution to Russian culture. As a photographer and a leading Western expert on Russian architecture William Brumfield has the Siberian architecture of particular interest. For several decades he created an extensive photographic archive of the Russian architectural landscape and released on the basis of many scientific and literary publications, including the fundamental “History of Russian architecture”.

This is the next volume fourteen in the “Discovering Russia” series, originally established in 2005 with the support of the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies. This volume is devoted to the architectural heritage of Irkutsk, an ancient center of Russian culture. The text and photographs are by William Craft Brumfield, a leading western specialist on the history of Russian architecture, Professor of Slavic Studies at Tulane University and honorary Fellow of two Russian national academies: the Academy of the Arts and the Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences. Color illustrations. Enamel-paper. Abstract and list of illustrations in English.

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