Oleg Blokhin (b.1952) is a Soviet football player and Ukrainian football coach. He is currently a head coach of the Ukrainian national team. Blokhin was formerly a standout striker for Dynamo Kyiv and the Soviet national team. In 1975 he was named European Footballer of the Year, winning the Ballon d’Or, becoming the second Soviet and the first Ukrainian player to achieve such a feat.

The SovietEraMuseum exclusive. Rare photos with Oleg Blokhyn and Dynamo Kyiv from our archive:

FC Dynamo Kyiv (Dinamo Kiev).  During the Soviet era, the club was one of the main rivals, and often the only rival, to football clubs from Moscow. Its ability to challenge the dominance of the Moscow clubs in Soviet football, and frequently defeat them to win the Soviet championship, was a matter of national pride for Ukraine. Leaders of the Ukrainian SSR unofficially regarded the club as their national team and provided it with generous support, making Dynamo a professional team of international importance.

In 1936 the first Soviet Championship was played, and Dynamo Kyiv was one of the pioneers of the newly formed league. The club’s early successes were however limited to a 2nd place finish in 1936 and 3rd place in 1937. In the 1941 season, the club only played 9 matches, as World War II interrupted league play.



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