1980-s’ – The Golden Age of USSR.

Militsiya or militia  is used as an official name of the civilian police in several former communist states.

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The term Militsiya is used in the countries of the former Soviet Union, as well as those of the former Eastern Bloc.

The term was also used in countries friendly to the Soviet Union such as Bulgaria and the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, although throughout the 1990s, the Yugoslav milicija was slowly phased out and replaced by policija(police). For example, in 2000, a standard Serbian police uniform may have either displayed the word Milicija  orPolicija/ Bulgaria changed the name of its law enforcement body to Policija  in 1991. In Romania the term was Miliţia or Miliţie, but after the communist regime fell, it was replaced by Poliţia or Poliţie.

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