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Donetsk – (former names:Yuzovka, Staline, Stalino) is a large city in Ukrainian SSR.

In 1924, under the Soviet rule, the city’s name was changed to Stalin. In that year, the city’s population totaled 63,708, and in the next year, 80,085. In 1929-31 the city’s name was changed to Stalino.The city did not have a drinking water system until 1931, when a 55.3 km system was laid underground.
During Nikita Khrushchev’s second wave of destalinization in November 1961 the city was renamed Donetsk, after the Seversky Donets River, a tributary of the Don in order to distance it from the former leader Joseph Stalin. In 1965, the Donetsk Academy of Sciences was established as part of the Academy of Science of the Ukrainian SSR. In 1970, Donetsk was recognised by UNESCO as the cleanest industrial town of the world. Donesk was granted the Order of Lenin in 1979.
SovietEraMuseum exclusive. Donetsk in rare photos:

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