The Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum is a museum dedicated to the Chernobyl disaster. The museum is located in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. It houses an extensive collection of scale models, visual media, memorabilia, artifacts, and other representational items designed to educate the public about many aspects of the Chernobyl disaster. Several exhibits depict the technical progression of the accident, and there are also many areas dedicated to the loss of life and cultural ramifications of the disaster. Due to the nature of the subject material, the museum provides a very visually engaging experience.
A display of road signs for various settlements near Chernobyl. Abandoned areas inside the zone of alienation are struck out with a pink slash.
Guided tours in English may be available, and the main parts of some exhibits have already been translated. Recorded audio is available in English and other languages.
The building is located at 1 Khoryva Lane (provulok Khoryva), Kyiv.

Exclusive. Few photos by  the SovietEraMuseum:

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