Chernigov (also spelled Chernihiv) is a city and administrative center of Chernigov oblast of Ukraine USSR.  In December 1959 Chernigovsky plant of synthetic fiber was opened. In 1961 the first turbine of a new Chernigovsky thermo electric power station started operating. The industrial growth of Chernigov entailed the population growth as well and by 1979 it was about 240,000.

In 1980 a new plan of Chernigov reconstruction was adopted and a hotel-restaurant complex “Gadetsky” (1981) was built as well as a cinema “Pobeda” (“Victory”) (1984). In 1986 there was the most awful tragedy which Chernigov experienced during the whole period after World War II – an accident at Chernobyl nuclear power station.

Chernigov in Soviet time. Photos! Exclusive of the SovietEraMuseum:

Сement truck by Chernigov factory

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