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Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky (11 September 1877 – 20 July 1926) was a Soviet statesman and a prominent member of Polish and Russian revolutionary movements. He is better known under his nickname as the Iron Felix or abbreviation FD. His party pseudonyms were Yatsek, Yakub, Pereplyotchik, Franek, Astronom, Yuzef, and Domanski. He was a member of several revolutionary committees such as the Polish Revkom as well as several Russian and Soviet official positions.

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Vladimir Ilyich Lenin born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (22 April 1870 – 21 January 1924) was a Russian communist revolutionary, politician and political theorist who served as the Premier of the Soviet Union from 1922 to 1924. SovietEraMuseum exlusive. May be we have the biggest collection of communistic pins at the world. This is a first part. Pins with Vladimir Lenin.

SovietEraMuseum exclusive! May be we have the biggest collection of Soviet space pins at the world. This is a first part. Soviet space programs with international crew. Key countries: Crew from Mongolia, DDR, Cuba, India, Romania, Chezh Republic, Bulgaria Key figures: Cosmomaut Romanenko, Cosmonaut Mendez, Cosmonaut Gubarev, Cosmonaut Strekalov and others.