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The Ukrainian National Chernobyl Museum is a museum dedicated to the Chernobyl disaster. The museum is located in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. It houses an extensive collection of scale models, visual media, memorabilia, artifacts, and other representational items designed to educate the public about many aspects of the Chernobyl disaster. Several exhibits depict the

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The secret submarine base in a small Crimean town of Balaclava is one of the largest military installations that have been abandoned after the collapse of the USSR. A complex, containing ammunition (including nuclear) and performed repairs of submarines , is located at the Tavros mountain since 1961. The dock base could shelter up to

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SovietEraMuseum present a series of articles “Destroyed Plants”. Part I. Stakhanov Coke Plant (Voroshilovgrad region, Ukrainian SSR)

Budi porcelain factory (since 1867) . Current products ceramic (porcelain) products for household and decorative ceramics. Products are high quality and artistic execution. In the production method used stamped decoration, as well as hand-painted. Soviet time – the “golden years” of the Budi porcelain factory.  In now days  the plant was fully destroyed. Photo by