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Cheboksary is the capital city of the Soviet Chuvash Republic and a large port on the Volga River. Population: 419,592 (1989 Census)

Some rare photos from SovietEraMusem archive:

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The beginning of XX century – a time when mankind has made a leap in technology. Cities electrified, there were telephone, incandescent bulbs. The internal combustion engine is actively used in cars and motorcycles. Actively developing the photo, and with it the cinema. It has become possible to record and play sounds with the help of the phonograph and the gramophone. In medicine: vaccinations, X-rays and blood transfusion. Another significant event is, of course, the appearance of aviation. I visited the interesting exhibition “Aviation. Morning a new era” just about those first steps. I liked the models and photos of gyroplanes, but more on that in the next post.


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Zavod imeni Uritskogo (ZiU, named after Moisei Uritsky). It produced thousands of MTB-82, ZiU-5, and ZiU-9 passenger trolleybuses. These and many other Soviet trolleybuses were presented at the exhibition in Gorky Park (Moscow)
Text & Images – Soviet Era Museum.

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Today about famous soviet painter and sculptor Vladimir Tsigal fought not only “weapons of art”, working as an artist in the front paper, but as an ordinary soldier. Patriotic enthusiasm of the Soviet people had a huge impact on his attitude, forever defined the pathos of his work. Diverse motifs of his work, and yet the main theme is the heroism of Soviet soldiers, the Soviet people in the struggle against fascism in the great Patriotic war.
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1931 Sir Hubert Wilkins with submarine Nautilus (failed 800 km south of the pole).
1931 Sixth Thule Expedition led by Knud Rasmussen explores Northeast Greenland
1931–34 The Three-year Expedition to East Greenland led by Lauge Koch explores Northeast Greenland
1932 Icebreaker Sibiryakov
1933 Russian steamship Chelyuskin
1937 Soviet transpolar flights

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SovietEraMuseum exclusive: inside the B-396 (Tango klass) submarine

The diesel-electric submarine B-396 “Novosibirsk Komsomolets” was built in 1980 to be used as part of the Northern Fleet and sail to the Mediterranean Sea, North and South Atlantic, western coast of Africa, in the Barents and Norwegian Seas. The submarine was decommissioned in 1998 and exhibited in the Naval museum in 2006. Look at exclusive photos by SovietEraMuseum

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Gzhel is a Russian style of ceramics which takes its name from the village of Gzhel and surrounding area, where it has been produced since 1802.About thirty villages located southeast of Moscow produce pottery and ship it throughout Russia. The name Gzhel became associated with pottery in the 14th century. Gzhel pottery was originally created by potters in their homes, however fairly early on these potters started to organize into workshops to increase production. The workshops eventually became a factory with pieces being formed in moulds and potters being responsible for separate pieces, a specific style, or decoration. The earliest pieces were created of earthenware. The pottery was painted solid white with distinctive blue designs. Pottery was also produced using a tin based white glaze and coloured glaze designs in blue, green, yellow, and brown, rather than just blue on a white background, in a style that is referred to as Maiolica. The body colour of earthenware varies depending on the raw materials used, and can range in color from white to brown. It is generally fired at lower temperatures than either stoneware or porcelain, and can remain semi-permeable to water until glazed. Exclusive photos of SovietEraMuseum
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SovietEraMuseum exclusive photos from exhibition Igor Sikorsky “Back in USSR” in VDNH, Moscow. Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky (May 25, 1889 – October 26, 1972) was a Russian American aviation pioneer in both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. He designed and flew the world’s first multi-engine fixed-wing aircraft, the Russky Vityaz in 1913, and the first airliner, Ilya Muromets, in 1914.
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Exclusive photos of SovietEraMuseum from museum dedicated to the Chief Administration of Corrective Labour Camps and Colonies, better known as the GULAG. Guides dressed like guards describe the vast network of labour camps that once existed in the former Soviet Union and recount the horrors of camp life. GULAG – black page of Soviet History.

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The 1974 Ice Hockey World Championships were the 41st Ice Hockey World Championships and the 52nd European Championships in ice hockey. The tournament took place in Finland from 5 April to 20 April and the games were played in the capital, Helsinki.

Exclusive photos from Soviet Era Museum.
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